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We are your one-stop provider for premium Italian paint and decorative finishes from Novacolor SRL in Ghana. For over 8 years, we have been the main distributor of Novacolor products and continue to be with our extensive range of stock. Preferred by renowned decorators, interior designers, architectural and design studios worldwide, Novacolor remains the reference brand for high-end architectural effects, decorative finishes and coatings.

Understanding unique needs

With pre-selected colours and finishes, we can match a wide range of pure, bright and true colours using our high-spec colour matching technology.

Our range of interior and exterior decorative finishes, as well as mineral and synthetic coatings are ideal for modern façades and historic buildings. Novacolor also stock continuous wall and floor systems for indoor and outdoor use, and high-quality matt, gloss, satin and water-based washable paints.

Our experts guide you to choose the best finishes, shades and colour combinations for your project. We understand our clients’ unique needs, and ensure our services are tailored to meet varied requirements.

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