Textured decorative finish for interiors

Colour is an exchange of emotions and thoughts; colour is art, architecture, culture, and creativity. Colour is style.

Metallics are for those special moments where a simpler finish won’t do. Available as silver and gold base, this range evokes beauty and elegance, often creating surprise and delight at the complexity and lustre of the finishes. Taking more time to create these designs, it feels special. Select your desired effect below to download the full brochure, and take inspiration for you own project.


Dune Opaco


Swahili Opaco




Animamundi per Esterni

Eclat Wall Painting

How to order products

We have many items in stock, and we can mix any colour combination you need. Where we don’t have an item in stock, we are able to place an expedited order.

We value personal service, so ordering isn’t through our website. To order items for prompt delivery, use the contact options at the bottom of this page. Having answers to the questions below will also speed up your order.

  • What product do you need?
  • What colour code? (if you know it)
  • What quantity? (usually up to 25kg tubs or bags)
  • When do you need it delivered to you by?
  • Where do you need it delivered to?
  • How are you going to pay?

Using our experience and Novacolor’s guidelines, we check your order to make sure you have enough product, and all that is required for your installation.

Discover colours of the Italian style

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